The First Choice in Appraisal Independence

Epic Lender Services, LLC is a full-service residential appraisal management company dedicated to helping lenders meet Appraisal Independence Requirements.


We offer a full service solution to meet all your AIR, Dodd-Frank, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and FHA appraisal independence needs.  Our staff is comprised of well-respected and competent appraisers who will appraise within their area of competency.  You can rest assured that your appraisal will be done right given that we select the most qualified appraiser to appraise your property. 


Tired of Computers Running the Show?

Go no further!  Epic Lender Services, LLC's staff selects the appraiser based on a number of factors.  First, we have a proprietary scoring system that is based on required factors such as performance metrics, availability and proximity to the subject property.  However, we don't just let the computer run wild.  We then make an educated decision based upon these factors as well as who we know to best understand your individual property.  We constantly score and monitor market areas and the appraisers who perform best in each market area.  This ensures that the most qualified appraiser for each neighborhood, property type and appraisal assignment is always selected for you. 


Worried About Proximity?

Many of our competitors claim to use appraisers that are within reasonable distance of the subject property.  But we've heard your horror stories about the "big boys" selecting appraisers from well outside the market area.  Try explaining how the appriaser selected has market competency to FHA when the appraiser drives for 50 miles just to get to the assignment!  And we're not even talking rural areas!  We have a complete network of appraisers, nationwide.  We will not send appraisers outside of their area of competency, EVER.  So if you are gettting this treatment from your impersonal Appraisal Management Company, give us a call and let us give you the personal service that you deserve!


Refer Good, Quality Appraisers

You have been working in this industry for 20 years and now you don't think you'll ever see the name of your favorite appraiser on a report again.  Does this sound like the AMC you currently work with?  Are you currently relegated to having your appraisal completed by an appraiser whom you don't know whatsoever, but appears to have just been allowed to join the "club"?  We have your answer!  Refer your appraisers to us!  If you're an appraiser, register your account with us.  We'll review all your documentation and if you fit our criteria as an exceptional appraiser, we'll get you working.  It's that simple.


We Pay Market Fees

One of the complaints many appraisers have when dealing with an Appraisal Management Company is that their fees are undercut. Due to the influx of many budget Appraisal Management Companies in the market, appraisers are feeling the pressure more than ever! Appraisal Management Companies are increasing their margins, oftentimes making as much as the appraiser simply for providing a gateway for services. Unfortunately, this has forced many of the best appraisers in the industry out of the market and is detrimental to the industry as a whole. We at Epic believe that the appraiser should receive a fair negotiation on their appraisal fees and the management company should be modestly compensated for the management of the appraisal process. We believe that paying competitive fees in the market is not only fair to the appraiser, but will result in better appraisals which means more marketable loans to investors including Fannie, Freddie and the like.

Current average turn time: 3.5 days from inspection.

Current average assignment distance: 4.8 miles